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Electronic Prescription Service

Electronic Prescription Service 

The extent of the benefits of the Electronic Prescription Service (EPS) will depend on your individual circumstances.

  • The Electronic Prescription Service is an evolution of a less-efficient paper-based prescription service.
  • The Electronic Prescription Service is reliable, secure and confidential.
  • The Electronic Prescription Service reduces the need for you to spend time going to your GP Practice just to collect a paper prescription. This is particularly relevant if you have regular prescriptions.

At first, if you want your GP to send your prescription electronically, you must choose, or ‘nominate’, a place to receive your electronic prescriptions. This could be a pharmacy, dispensing appliance contractor or your GP practice.

  •  Nomination is more suitable for some patients than others.
  •  Nomination is a flexible process. It is easy to change your nomination or choose not use it on a particular occasion.
  • If you are currently using a prescription collection service you may not notice much change once you have nominated.
  • Nomination gives you a greater freedom of choice by making it simpler for you to use a pharmacy or dispensing appliance contractor convenient to you.

Paper will not be removed completely and will be required in the following situations:

– if you chose not to use the Electronic Prescription Service;

– if you choose not to nominate;

– if you use nomination (and therefore don’t receive paper) but are required to sign for payment/exemption purposes.

What does this mean for you? View the patient information leaflets by clicking here and here

You might like to watch this helpful video which explains the new system very clearly

If this is something you would like to do, please comple this nomination form and returning to us  or your pharmacy. Please note – they must be ready to use this new service otherwise we will not be able to send your prescription to them electronically.

Electronic Repeat Dispensing

This is an excellent service for patients who order the same medication in the same doses every month. We can send a 'batch' of prescriptions to your pharmacy - usually 6 months worth dated every 28 days. When you attend the pharmacy, they will ask you which items you require - so you dont have to have all items dispensed every month. This will be repeated every month up until the last batch prescription as which point your pharmacy will advise you to contact us. There is patient leaflet here which explains the system in more details. Below is a useful video. The benefit to you is that you dont have to keep sending us an order every month - it has to be worth a try? Let us know if you want us to convert your prescription for you

Remember - it is Your Choice



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