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When we are closed please call 111 for all health advice. A&E is for EMERGENCIES only - please use services carefully - call 111 when we are closed for the out of hours services!! NEW SERVICE!!!! Dr Gowda is offering a coil and implant fitting service, ask your GP for more details

Welcome to the General Topics Section -

These pages have been set up for our patients who wish to address alternative issues other then joining the practice or medical advice. These pages are here to help answer any questions you may have. 

Hobs Moat Medical Centre
Open Care Statistics

We hope you find this page useful. We wanted to share with our patients our statistical data collated each month on the following areas:


This page gives infomration about the staturtory details we are required to make available to the Care Quality Commission. We we last insected in April 2015 and were rated good overall, full details of our rating can be found on our home page

Registration details


Dr Stephen Cowles, Dr Brian Crichton, Dr Alison Matthews, Dr Sharon Peters, Dr Nick Ridge, Dr Amit Banerjee

CQC register Hobs Moat Medical Centre to carry out the following legally regulated activities.

Maternity and midwifery services

Terms of this registration relating to carrying out this regulated activity

The registered provider must ensure that the regulated activity Maternity and midwifery services is managed by an individual who is registered as a manager in respect of that activity at or from all locations.

Registered services

Family planning services

Terms of this registration relating to carrying out this regulated activity

The registered provider must ensure that the regulated activity Family planning is managed by an individual who is registered as a manager in respect of that activity at or from all locations.

Registered services

Treatment of disease, disorder or injury

Terms of this registration relating to carrying out this regulated activity

The registered provider must ensure that the regulated activity Treatment of disease, disorder or injury is managed by an individual who is registered as a manager in respect of that activity at or from all locations.

Registered services

Surgical procedures

Terms of this registration relating to carrying out this regulated activity

The registered provider must ensure that the regulated activity Surgical procedures is managed by an individual who is registered as a manager in respect of that activity at or from all locations.

Registered services

Diagnostic and screening procedures

Terms of this registration relating to carrying out this regulated activity

The registered provider must ensure that the regulated activity Diagnostic and screening procedures is managed by an individual who is registered as a manager in respect of that activity at or from all locations.

Registered services

Details of this locations CQC registration

Here you will find the list of services and areas where we, the Care Quality Commission, authorise and regulate this service to operate

Type of service
  • Doctors/GPs
  • Services for everyone
Local authority
  • Solihull

Regulated services/activities

CQC register Hobs Moat Medical Centre to carry out the following legally regulated services here:

Maternity and midwifery services

  • Dr Brian Crichton is the registered manager for these services at this location.

Family planning services

  • Dr Brian Crichton is the registered manager for these services at this location.

Treatment of disease, disorder or injury

  • Dr Brian Crichton is the registered manager for these services at this location.

Surgical procedures

  • Dr Brian Crichton is the registered manager for these services at this location.

Diagnostic and screening procedures

  • Dr Brian Crichton is the registered manager for these services at this location.
Latest CQC inspection report can be found here

Fees for information outside of NHS clinical work

This includes all information that is required for a doctor to complete for any private purpose outside of NHS Hospitals and other signposted health centres within the NHS family such as private health insurance, solicitors paperwork, schools, holidays, fitness for sport, passports etc.

*BMA – British Medical Association


Charges for Work Outside of GP NHS Work
The fees shown below relate to work which may be done only by a patient's own doctor.
Effective from 1 May 2018
  • Health club brief written report to certify that a patient is fit for exercise. Simple report £20.00 and  full medical report £50.00.
  • Holiday cancellation claim form £50.00
  • Straightforward certificates of fact, TWMC, fitness to fly, medication on plane, basic forms supporting information by GP ,  GP Signature on form £30.00
  • Freedom from infection certificate, eg for school, travel or employment £30.00
  • Fire arms Licence £100.00
  • Gender recognition certificate £80.00
  • Private sick note (incapacity certificate) required by patient for presentation to an employer except for those which the doctor is obliged to provide for statutory sick pay purposes £30.00
  • Private medical  insurance claim form  - short certificate of incapacity without examination for patient to claim under accident or sickness insurance £50.00
  • Private Malaria Prescription £15.00
  • Validation of private medical insurance (PMI) claim form, to support a claim for benefit in connection with private medical insurance, or completion of a pre-treatment form £50.00
  • Army medical form – medical questionnaire £65.00 - Copy of medical notes £50.00
  • Child minder health form/Ofstead £85.00
  • Private Fostering / adoption (council)  no exam paperwork  £85.00
  • Full Medical Examination and report (e.g. HGV, Taxi, Pilot, Employment, council, medical staff) £150.00
  • Full copy of medical notes requested by a company £50.00
  • Reports from medical records e.g. employer requesting report £70.00
  • Fostering medical Council Full AH2 £79.00
  • Fostering medical update medical questionnaire £25.00
  • GP to complete a basic medical questionnaire on patient £30.00-£80.00
  • GP to complete complex medical questionnaire  £100.00
  • iGPR/ medical report Various costs (solicitors/insurance companies requesting electronically)
  • Seat Belt exemption (simple form) £20.00
  • Power of Attorney (with examination) £150.00
  • Copies of full medical notes £50.00
  • Copies of electronic notes (depending on number requested) £10.00 -£50.00
  • Immunisation history print out                   £10.00
  • Photocopying per sheet copied                  0.40p
  • Patients requesting full copy of  their own notes – NEED TO COMPLETE REQUEST FORM FIRST - free from 25th may 2018 but if you have a vision online account you can view your records and print out the relevant parts yourself)

 You may ask yourself……Surely the doctor is being paid anyway? 

 “It is important to understand that many GPs are not employed by the NHS. They are self-employed and they have to cover their costs - staff, buildings, heating, lighting, etc. The NHS covers NHS work only. Time spent completing forms and preparing reports takes the GP away from their patients NHS medical care.

When a doctor signs a certificate or completes a report, it is a condition of the Medical Register that they only sign what they know to be true. In order to complete forms the doctor might have to check the patient's entire medical record. Carelessness or an inaccurate report can have serious consequences for the doctor with the General Medical Council (the doctors' regulatory body) or even the Police.” 

In accordance with our contractual obligations we are publishing our average GP earnings which are £57,689 for 2014/15. We have nine doctors working in the practice, two full time with seven part time occasionally assisted by locum GPs who cover holiday periods.

For the financial year 2015/16
All GP practices are required to declare the mean earnings (e.g. average pay) for GPs working to deliver NHS services to patients at each practice. The average pay for GPs working in Hobs Moat Medical Centre in the last financial year was £26,420 before tax and NI. This calculation is for 2 full-time GPs and 7 part-time GP .

Patients’ Charter

We aim to give our patients a high quality service and support the NHS Constitution, see this link for more information

Your health is our concern, but your responsibility.

ALL MEMBERS OF THE SURGERY PRIMARY CARE TEAM ARE DEDICATED TO A QUALITY POLICY TO ACHIEVE HEALTH SERVICES WHICH MEET THE PATIENT'S REQUIREMENTS. We are regulated by the Care Quality Commission and provide care and treatment in accordance with national, local and NICE guidance

We are trying to improve how we communicate with patients. Please let us know if you need information in a different format, or you need communication support. This is in accordance with the NHS Accessible Information Specification - you can find out about this by clicking here

Practice Leaflet:

All new patients will receive a copy of our practice leaflet and copies will be displayed at the reception desk.


Surgery Premises:

Our surgery building will be welcoming, easy for patients to find their way around and appropriate to the needs of users, including the disabled. They will meet all necessary infection control and prevention standards.


Patients' rights to General Medical Services:

Patients have the rights to:

  • be registered with a General Practitioner
  • to consult with a GP of their choice
  • be offered a health check on joining the practice
  • receive urgent care at any time from the practice
  • receive appropriate drugs and medicines
  • be referred for specialist if they and the GP agree
  • have the right to view their medical records, subject to the Acts and associated procedure, and to know that those working for the NHS are under legal obligation to keep the contents confidential.

This Surgery believes in Fairness and Equality and above all, values diversity in all our work as a provider of health services. We will not discriminate against any person on the grounds of race, gender, sexual orientation, age, disability, religion, pregnancy or gender reassignment


 Changes to Procedures:

When changes are introduced to practice procedures that affect patients, we will ensure that these are clearly explained, by means of a brochure; waiting room noticeboard or individual leaflets, giving as much notice as practicable.


Repeat Prescriptions:

Please allow 48 working hours for repeat prescriptions.


  • Urgent referrals to other health and social care agencies will be made within one working day of the patient consultation. Where requested, our GPs will refer you to a private health provider.
  • We will normally process non-urgent referrals within five working days of the patient consultation or the doctor's decision to refer.

Test Results & Diagnostic Assessments

When a doctor or nurse arranges for a test to be taken the patient will be informed how to obtain the result.

Transfer of Medical Records:

The Practice will endeavour to dispatch any medical record required by the Health Authority within seven working days and same day if the request is urgent.


Privacy and Confidentiality:

We will respect our patients' privacy, dignity and confidentiality at all times.

We provide a confidential service to everyone, including under 16s. This means that you can tell others about your visit, but we won’t. The only reason why we might have to consider passing on your confidential information, would be

to protect you or someone else from serious harm. We would always try to discuss this with you first.




With a Doctor:     For routine consultations we will endeavour to offer patients an appointment within two working days of the request.    For medically urgent requests, we will offer an appointment on the same day.


With a Practice Nurse:     For routine appointments we will offer an appointment within five working days.


When you check in for your appointment using our self check in screen, you will be informed of any anticipated delay to being seen at your appointment time.


Home Visits:

We are unable to guarantee a specific doctor will visit you as this depends on availability and other factors. The decision to home visit will be at the doctors’ discretion.


Our Dignity Challenge

We support the national campaign to promote best standards of care relating to adults and children who may be at risk. This includes having a zero tolerance to all forms of abuse, listening to people to allow them to express their needs and wants, respecting right to privacy and trying to assist people to maintain self esteem while treating each person as an individual.

Out of Hours Emergencies:

We will do everything possible to ensure that our system for contacting the duty doctor is easy to follow, reliable and effective. Please contact 111 when we are closed. Alternatively, these details can be obtained by telephoning our usual number – 0121 742 5211


Waiting Times:

  • Surgeries will normally start on time.
  • We expect patients to be seen within twenty minutes of their appointment time.
  • When a doctor is called away on an emergency we will inform the patients and give them an opportunity to book an alternative appointment, or if preferred, to be seen by another doctor (subject to appointment availability).




With these rights come responsibilities and for the patients this means:


  • Courtesy to the staff at all times - remember they are working under doctors' orders.
  • Responding in a positive way to questions asked by the reception staff.
  • To attend appointments on time (if you are more than 5 minutes late, you may not be seen – this will be at the discretion of the doctor) or give the practice adequate notice that they wish to cancel.   Someone else could use your appointment! For patients who persistently fail to arrive for their appointments, we reserve the right to remove these patients from our list
  • An appointment is for one person/one problem only - where another member of the family needs to be seen or discussed, another appointment should be made or a double appointment should be booked if there is more than one concern to be discussed.
  • Patients should make every effort when consulting the surgery to make best use of nursing and medical time - home visits should be medically justifiable and not requested for social convenience.
  • When patients are asked to give 48 hours notice for repeat prescriptions, please give us this time as it is to allow for accurate prescribing.
  • To use emergency out of hours services including 999 and A&E appropriately and not for minor illness or injury

Our Statement of Purpose

The surgery is a GP Partnership, open to all patients living within our practice boundary in Solihull. Please see our location page on our website at www.hobmoatmedicalcentre.co.uk.

From 1st April 2015, we are a General Medical Services (GMS) Practice offering Primary Care services for the diagnosis and prevention of disease. We help patients to manage their health and prevent illness. Our GPs assess, diagnose, treat and manage illness. They carry out screening for some diseases and promote general health and wellbeing. Our GPs act as a patient’s advocate, supporting and representing a patient’s best interests to ensure they receive the best and most appropriate health and/or social care. Our GPs also provide the link to further health services and work closely with other healthcare colleagues. They may also arrange hospital admissions and referrals to other services and specialists and they link with secondary and community services about patient care, taking advice and sharing information where needed.

We are also a training practice involved in the education and training of doctors and have two GP trainers



The Practice address is

Hobs Moat Medical Centre

Ulleries Road


West Midlands

B92 8ED


Please see our separate document relating to our Mission and Operating statements along with our Improvement priorites

Patient Consent and Confidentiality

The Practice Manager (who is our Caldicott Guardian) is responsible for ensuring your medical records are kept securely and only those staff who need to access your records do so. There are many requests to share patient information that are received every day. So for example, if we refer you to see a specialist at the hospital, we need to send a referral letter to them with detailed information about you and your medical history. We are currently working on an update fair processing notice which is the document that will tell you what we share with whom, and your rights to opt out. The document will be linked to this page in the next few weeks.

If you would like to find out more information or have a specific question, then we have a dedicated e mail address you can use to contact the practice - solccg.hobsmoatcaldicottguardian.nhs.net




Our Services

The GMS services provided by our GPs are defined under the Standard General Medical Services Contract. These services are mainly split into three groups:


Essential services

We provide essential services for people who have health conditions from which they are expected to recover, chronic disease management and general management of terminally ill patients. Our core services include:

Ø   GP consultations

Ø   Asthma clinics

Ø   Chronic obstructive airways disease clinics

Ø   Coronary heart disease clinics

Ø   Diabetes clinics

Additional services

Our additional services include:

Ø   Cervical cytology screening

Ø   Contraceptive services

Ø   Child health surveillance

Ø   Maternity services

Ø   Vaccinations and immunisations

Enhanced services

Our enhanced services include:

Ø   Childhood vaccinations and immunisations

Ø   Diabetes Management

Ø   Minor surgery

Ø   Flu immunisation

Ø   Minor injury service

Other services

Our Practice also offers services including:

Ø   Child health and development

Ø   Dressings

Ø   Ear wax and syringing

Ø   ECGs

Ø   End of life care

Ø   Epilepsy

Ø   Spirometry (Lung tests)

Ø   Medication review

Ø   Men’s health

Ø   Mental health

Ø   Pregnancy testing and contraceptive advice

Ø   Travel advice

Ø   Women’s health

Non-NHS Services

Our Practice also provides services which are non NHS and are paid for by the patient. These services include:

Ø   Insurance claims forms

Ø   Non NHS vaccinations

Ø   Prescription for taking medication abroad

Ø   Private sick notes

Ø   Pre-employment and HGV medicals

Ø   Vaccination certificates


Comments, Suggestions & Complaints

We are always looking for ways to improve the care we give our patients and from time to time we will carry out some surveys. We would appreciate your cooperation in helping us with these surveys by completing the forms when they are given to you.

Should you have a complaint about any matter, please ask the Receptionist for our Complaints Pack or you can download our complaints pack by clicking here, which details our complaints procedure. We aim to abide by not only regulations but best practice so that patients feel able to make a complaint, please see this diagram for further information by clicking here. In summary - we try to adopt these 5 principles

I felt confident to speak up

I felt that making my complaint was simple

I felt listened to and understood

I felt that my complaint made a difference

I would feel confident making a complaint in the future

NHS Choices has a very full and informative guide about how to complain about a range of NHS services, follow the link here http://www.nhs.uk/choiceintheNHS/Rightsandpledges/complaints/Pages/AboutNHScomplaints.aspx

NHS England have also produced guidance to help you complain about any NHS service, please follow this link for further information

The Patients Association is a national charity concerned with speaking up for patients rights. They can also offer support and guidance. You can reach their website here

Healthwatch Solihull can also be contacted for support and are interested in feedback on all local health and social services . Commissioned by Solihull Council, Healthwatch is tasked with ensuring that the views and experiences of local people are heard by those who plan, run and regulate health and care services. Their website is here

We would appreciate the opportunity to resolve any complaints directly however the following organisations are also available for support:

NHS England - 0300 311 2233
Solihull Clinical Commissioning Group - 0121 713 8783

Parliamentary & Health Services Ombudsman - 0345 015 4033
PowHer - Patient Advocacy Services - 0300 456 2370

Solihull Action through Advocacy specialise in supporting patients with Learning Difficulties - for more details, please visit their website here or telephone  0121 706 4696

Please use the form below to send us your feedback online:

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