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Going Travelling

Travel advice for pregnant women or those trying to become pregnant travelling to areas effected by Zika virus can be found here in 
Latest mosquito bite avoidance here

Global Shortage of Hepatitis B vaccine


Information for patients can be found here We will NOT be able to provide Hepatitis B vaccine for travel purposes even if you are travelling to an area where it is recommended

Zika virus in Florida, United States

Active Zika virus transmission is taking place within a one-square mile area in Miami-Dade County, up to date details can be seen on the Florida Health website. Pregnant women are advised to postpone non-essential travel to this affected area within Miami-Dade until after pregnancy.

The risk in the rest of Florida is considered moderate based on their demonstrated ability to implement effective mosquito control measures. Pregnant women should consider postponing non-essential travel to the rest of Florida until after the pregnancy.

For thise intending to visit the Hajj in 2016, there is specific travel advice available for you here
Please note! We are not obliged to offer a travel immunisation service.

However, we do so for the benefit of our patients BUT this means that we may not always be able to help you if you are travelling last minute. In this circumstance, you would need to obtain your vaccinations privately and pay a fee. You can find a  private clinic in the Solihull and Birmingham area by visiting 111.masta.com, or telephoning 03301004128

Malaria advice

General Travel Advice

fitfortravel is a public access website provided by the NHS (Scotland). It gives
travel health information for people travelling abroad from the UK - you can access this website here

Typhiod Vaccinations

There is difficulty in obatining these vaccines at present due to manufacturing problems, we may not always be able to offer this vaccine. Please see the HPA website for information about protecting yourself from typhiod


Going travelling – home or abroad? Then we can help.

Our nurses offer telephone travel appointments, so if you think you might need immunisations, please book one of these appointment at least 6 weeks in advance. Some vaccinations cannot be given at the same time and some take a while before they give you full protection. However, even if you are traveling at short notice, please still book a telephone advice appointment as we will need time to obtain your medical records for your consultation.

If it is decided that you do need further immunisation, then the nurse will book an appointment for you to come into the surgery. Before you attend, you will need to print off and complete a travel questionnaire by clicking on this link. If you are taking children with you, you should check that they have had their full course of childhood immunizations.

If you need anti malaria medication, your practice nurse will be able to advise you.

We have a travel safety leaflet for you to look at for further information.

For Haj and cruise, these leaflets may be of information. Public Health England have issued further advice and guidance for Cruise travellers which you can find at this link 

If you need to take medication whilst you are away, make sure you have ordered this from us before you go. Please note that we can only give a maximum three month supply.

Most travel immunisations are free on the NHS, but if you need rabies, this will cost £50 for each of the three injections. There is also a £10 charge for the certification to confrim you have had the MenACWY vaccination. Private malaria prescriptions will be charged at £12.50 per person. We may need to refer you to another clinic if you require either yellow fever or Japanese encephalitis vaccination as we do not offer these here.

Health Insurance

This is often the very last items on a traveler’s checklist, yet it is perhaps the most important of all. Cover should be arranged at the time you book your holiday

European Health Insurance Card

The European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) allows you to access state-provided healthcare in all European Economic Area (EEA) countries and Switzerland at a reduced cost or sometimes free of charge. Applying for the card is free. However, other, unofficial, websites may charge you if you apply through them.

Click the link below for more details

European Health Insurance Card

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