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When we are closed please call 111 for all health advice. A&E is for EMERGENCIES only - please use services carefully - call 111 when we are closed for the out of hours services!! NEW SERVICE!!!! Dr Gowda is offering a coil and implant fitting service, ask your GP for more details

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Secure Prescription Request Form

Please fill in the form below to request your repeat medication online.

Complete the form below for each medication and strength on your repeat prescription. You will need to tick the 'Required' box if you require the item this time.



If you are on regular medication, you can obtain a repeat prescription:

  1. By leaving a written request at reception.
  2. If you are unable to attend the surgery, you can post your request, enclosing a stamped addressed envelope.
  3. You can also order a repeat prescription using the online form below. Please note - the on line form is really only for REPEAT prescriptions. How do you know if something you have been given is on repeat? Well, the item will appear on the white tear off side of the prescription. If what you want is not on this slip, but a doctor has given it you in the past, you can try to order via our form BUT we cannot guarantee that the GP will give you another prescription - you may need to be seen.

Please do not telephone, as mistakes are likely to occur and it blocks the telephone line for urgent calls.


Please allow 48 hours for repeat prescriptions. For example, if you order your prescription on a Friday evening at 7.00pm, then it will be ready for collection anytime from the following Wednesday morning.

Have you thought about using the electonic prescription service – this means once your prescription has been signed by the doctor it can be sent directly to your usual chemist – click here for more information.

Repeat Prescriptions

We are often asked why we will only give one month’s worth of drugs on one prescription. Patients ask for two or three months to keep their prescription charges low. However, it is Solihull policy to only provide one month at each prescription. For more information on prescription charges and pre payment certificates visit NHS Choices at this link, but in summary:-


Prescriptions and other NHS Costs as from April 2017

Prescription charges

  • Single charge: £8.60
  • 3 month PPC (no change): £29.10
  • 2 month PPC (no change): £104.00

Wigs and fabric supports

  • Surgical brassiere: £28.40
  • Abdominal or spinal support: £42.95
  • Stock modacrylic wig: £70.15
  • Partial human hair wig: £185.80
  • Full bespoke human hair wig: £271.70

Dental charges

  • Band 1: £20.60
  • Band 2: £56.30
  • Band 3: £244.30
  • Urgent: £20.60
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